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SeaTheory Hair Supplements



Who are SeaTheory?

Currently launching, SeaTheory is a high-efficacy ecological hair care supplement and topicals which are designed to support healthy hair growth, protect against environment stress and the process of hair aging. 

SeaTheory is dedicated to providing products that are enriched with potent vegan marine bioactive ingredients. These ingredients are isolated from sustainably cultivated and hand harvested macroalgae, providing powerful hair rejuvenation properties.


My aim was to create a unique and sophisticated brand to stand out from the competition. 

There are many hair supplements on the market so this was a challenge, and in order to pull in and attract the most customers possible it has to appeal to all ages and genders.

I wanted to make sure the brand was unique and had something special to offer customers. Similar to Seabody the main emphasis was highlighting SeaTheory’s approach to sustainability.

Marketing Video

I’m so excited to share this short promotional video I created for the website and social media! It’s a fun and engaging way to get the word out about the product and services. It’s got great visuals and catchy music to keep viewers interested. Plus, it’s the perfect length for a quick look at what SeaTheory have to offer. 


SeaTheory is in the process of being launched and I have been working hard to promote the brand. I have been focusing on website design, sketching out wireframes and creating high fidelity prototypes for the site. My creative ideas are being used to make the website look the best that it can be. Currently there is one product to launch, but the range will grow over the next few years as new ones come onto the market. It’s exciting to see the launch of SeaTheory and I’m proud to be part of this project.

UI Wireframes

After many sketches, back and forth, I finally decided to start on the high end visuals for the website. The website is selling one supplement product, but the plan is to eventually grow, offering topicals as well. I knew that this would be a great opportunity for the website to expand and reach more customers. I put a lot of effort into the visuals to ensure that the website was both attractive and modern, with a focus on making the customer experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. I was confident that this would help the website to grow and become a successful business.


The decks I designed showcase SeaTheory’s packaging and ingredients as well as the company’s sustainability ethics. 


I designed social media assets to build relationships with potential customers. Connect with other professionals in the supplement industry, as well as influencers and potential customers.