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Seabody Skincare & Supplements


2018 to present

Who are Seabody?

Seabody are an award winning Irish based biotech company, they harness natural marine bioactive molecules from seaweeds using state-of-the-art, sustainable clean technologies with zero waste. This pioneering method allows the company to create proprietary marine-based sustainable luxury skincare and supplements.

The Challenge

Was to create a luxury start up premium brand that equals the competition and attracts new customers and influencers. At present consumers are responding well to beauty brands that are not only health but eco conscious and mainly are geared towards protecting the environment, ensuring sustainable practices, this was my challenge to highlight Seabody’s Science led holistic approach to sustainability.


The Logo

The Seabody logo is a very simple, black and white type font. The purpose of this was to create a premium feel, and to make it more impactful.


The brand’s use of elegant typography conveys a sense of luxury. 


A muted, earthy colour palette was inspired by the natural environment & colours of the seaweed. The overall design was intended to reflect a sense of tranquility and serenity, while still being modern and stylish.


A muted, earthy colour palette was inspired by the natural environment & colours of the seaweed. The overall design was intended to reflect a sense of tranquility and serenity, while still being modern and stylish.


Seabody took a ‘digital first’ approach, so the products could be initially exclusively available through I was tasked with designing and building an ecommerce website that was both visually appealing and functional, but also provided a positive and smooth customer journey, with a clear and concise experience on all responsive devices. 


I wanted to make sure that the colour palette, imagery and typography were carefully selected to create the right visual aesthetic. To achieve this, I took the approved mid-fidelity wireframes and prototypes and started to enhance them further. I did extensive research into trends and best practices, looking at what had worked well in the past, making sure that the imagery I used was appropriate for the target audience.

User Flow Shopping Experience

The Seabody website was designed to be a simple, easy to use e-commerce platform for customers to purchase and subscribe to monthly food supplements and skincare products. By offering customers the flexibility to purchase and subscribe quickly and easily, we hope to create a positive user experience that keeps customers coming back.


Since the majority of customers are going to be viewing the website on a mobile device, creating an optimal viewing experience for customers using mobile devices was a top priority during the development of this website. I took great care to ensure that each sentence was clear and concise, and that the typography and size of each button were well-crafted and easy to read. I believe that this attention to detail will create a positive experience for our customers and make them more likely to return to the website.

Version One - Website Design

Back in 2018 we started the process of launching the brand and the original site was underway. I designed a black and white minimalistic style. I wanted the design to be beautiful, but also to include stunning black and white imagery. As lovely and slick as this looked, the team decided it needed more of a punchy feel with a hint of colour to make the products stand out so we went back to the drawing board and started on the next version. 

Version Two - Website Design

Version two was a simplified shop design. This initial concept to add more detail to the product page, with drop downs and an auto replenish programme. The team decided to add even more colour so I incorporated this design with the final version, as seen at the start.

UX Low Fidelity workflow Frames

I started designing a new concept with the goal of creating a powerful content strategy that was backed by thorough research and thoughtfully composed. I wanted the design to be beautiful, but also easy to navigate.

UI Elements

The website features intuitive UI elements designed for seamless navigation and enhanced user experience.

Email Newsletters

I designed newsletters and emails using Klaviyo in order to drive conversions and advertise campaigns, these emails are sent weekly and monthly. I also worked on the web flow, cart abandonment and signups etc.


I have been designing brochures, adverts and exhibition stands for Seabody for the past several years. My designs always adhere to the brand’s image and values. I have made sure to create the most eye-catching and effective designs, while keeping the message clear and concise. I have also ensured that my designs are attractive to the target audience and have the desired impact.

Decks & Infographics​

Presentations play a huge role in the Seabody brand, explaining the Seabody story through presentations is crucial to attracting new consumers and stores.


I have created a few different videos to showcase the Seabody Story, which can be used for a variety of purposes. These videos can be used on the website, at events, in exhibitions, in stores, and on social media. I use a mix of creative storytelling and stunning visuals to capture the essence of the Seabody Story, designed to be engaging, informative, and entertaining. I use Adobe Premier Pro and Adobe After Effects to create the videos.

World Ocean Day promotional video Instagram Reel

World Earth Day promotional Instgram video for Arnotts Store, Dublin
Seabody Video, for CH Store, Dublin

Seabody Moisturiser Reel

Socials & Google Ads

The SEABODY brand has been successfully promoted through a combination of traditional and digital media. We created various ads for Google’s ad campaign, both static and animated, as well as for all the necessary social media platforms. These ads were then passed on to a reputable SEO company to do their job and help boost the brand’s visibility. We are confident that this method of promotion will be successful in achieving the desired results.

Packaging & POS

SEABODY e-commerce packaging is intentionally minimal made from recycled materials, all elements used are plastic free, biodegradable, recyclable and/or reusable. The Seabody packaging mission is to use recycled and infinitely recyclable materials as much as possible across the entire brand offering.

Photo 20-10-2022, 16 24 18

A lovely mention from the John Bell & Croyden Award Ceremony

“Huge achievement for the brand winning this award – thanks to everyone for all of your inputs to get this over the line!

@andrea – you got a special mention last night for the amazing presentations & brand work which as always play such a huge role in impressing any audience – so grateful for all of your time & usually under time pressure! Lovely news to take us all into the weekend.”

– Dr Helena Mchanon, Founder of Seabody