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UI Design & Prototypes
Brand Design


GoPhyco/Blue Pet co.


2020 to present

Who are Blue Pet Co?

GoPhyco (now Blue Pet Company) takes a science-led systems approach to pet health, wellness and vitality.

GoPhyco create seaweed enriched supplements using bioactive ingredients, including seaweed, which respond to specific pet health requirements for optimal health and happiness.


Having worked with The Blue Pet Co since the very beginning in 2019, it has come a long way. Initially, I was tasked with creating the brand logo, which set the tone for their overall look and feel. From there, I moved onto designing the packaging, making sure it was eye-catching and attractive to customers. After that, I completed the UI design, ensuring that the website and mobile app had an intuitive user experience.

The Blue Pet Co is now a globally recognizable brand, and I’m proud to have contributed to its success. 


To create a fun refreshing design that help GoPhyco/Blue Pet Co. promote their supplements and explain to the audience that investing in their pet’s health and happiness is one of the best decisions they can make as a pet owner.  

The brief was a design that attracted attention to get the message across. A design that used bright colours, quirky shapes and a modern font can to bring a sense of fun to the brand. Images of animals or pet-related items to be included to make the design more eye-catching and to help promote the supplements. 


Once the team was satisfied with the content and flow of the project, I moved on to creating the low fidelity wireframes. This initial step was essential to ensure that the project was taking form and the concept had a solid foundation. Once the low fidelity wireframes were established, I moved on to creating the high fidelity wireframes. This step was paramount in order to properly envision the final product, as it allowed us to see how the blue colors and typography would look on the actual pages.


Once the high fidelity frames were agreed upon, I then moved my focus to the mobile and tablet versions. I wanted to make sure the user experience was consistent across all devices. To achieve this, I went through each frame and ensured all elements were positioned correctly, and all interactions were smooth and intuitive. I also took into account the difference in device sizes, and adjusted the design accordingly. Once I was satisfied with the mobile and tablet versions of the frames, I was confident that the user would have a great experience regardless of which device they were using.


GoPhyco wanted a little informative pamphlet to add in with the box of supplements, so I designed a pull out accordion leaflet. This leaflet is a great way to provide customers with additional information about the product. It is eye-catching and easily grab the customer’s attention.


My approach was rooted in creating an engaging and cohesive online presence reflective of the brand’s identity.

Video Work

GoPhyco/Blue Pet Co. marketing videos were used to promote and help spread the word about the amazing benefits of GoPhyco/Blue Pet Co supplements. Through these videos, viewers will learn about the unique blend of ingredients and how they can help improve their overall health. The shorter videos are used for Amazon to highlight the health benefits.

Short Health benefit videos designed for Amazon

The combination of fun and modern font


Avenir LT Std