Andrea Sands 


Premier Pro



UI Design & Prototypes


EcoPower Energy


2018 to present

Who are EcoPower?

EcoPower are an independent professional energy services business based in Surrey in the UK. They have a wealth of experience in delivering bespoke energy and low carbon solutions for a range of clients, including large corporations, the public sector, developers, investors and land owners. 


EcoPower reached out to me to discuss a project they had in mind. They wanted to create a website that would provide helpful information to visitors while also having a visually appealing design. We discussed various ideas and approaches to achieve this goal. We decided that the best way to showcase the website was to create an interactive experience that would engage visitors while also providing them with the information they needed.



The website was built with a modern, clean design that encourages exploration and maximizes user engagement. The webpages include helpful information such as descriptions of the company’s products and services, tutorials on how to use them, and a blog where visitors can learn more about Eco Power.