Andrea Sands 

I loved creating this promotional video for Coast Clothing.


Premier Pro



UI Design & Prototypes
Brand Design


Coast Clothing Co.


2019 to present

Who are Coast Clothing?

Coast Clothing Co. are a clothing range that not only complements personal style but also contributes to a more sustainable and fashion-forward future.

Embracing sustainable practices, Coast source eco-friendly fabrics and implement ethical production methods, ensuring a harmonious relationship with the environment.  


Coast Clothing Co. needed a complete makeover to stay up to date with the latest fashion trends. To help them achieve their goal, I started by designing their logo and brochure, followed the UI for their online shopping store for mobile and desktop and finally google ads. I then put together a short promotional video, that would capture the brand’s identity, this would be showcased on the website and parts to be used on socials. 



Consistency in branding elements, such as colour schemes and typography, was meticulously maintained across both platforms to capture a recognizable brand presence. For the mobile interface, I focused on creating a responsive design that ensures an optimal and engaging experience on smaller screens, prioritizing easy navigation and a visually pleasing layout.

Responsive & Animated Banners

I created fully responsive banners to align with Coast Clothing branding that look perfect on all screen sizes.